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Did you know going to camp is a simple and fun way to earn Guiding badges? Since Caddy Lake Camp is run by Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada, there are Guiding principles and activities worked into the programming. Campers are encouraged to take on challenges that they may not have the opportunity to do in the city. Each session the staff and the campers will come up with one or two badges to work on during their stay at camp. Here’s how it works:

2012 camp badges

Bird watching

At camp, you will be outside nearly all day with lots of time to observe rare wildlife that you may not spot in your busy city life.

  • We’ll be able to learn about different types of birds, what they eat, how the nest etc plus see it in action!
  • We’ll be making milk carton bird feeders for the girls to take home.
  • There will be lots of birds to observe, draw, and describe on our hikes.

bird feeder

Campfire Leading

CITs and campers will get to participate, plan, and lead campfires throughout their stay. This means going over fire safety, like how to prevent accidents, treat burns, and what to do in case of an out of control fire. Of course, they’ll get to do the fun stuff too like leading the camp fire songs and getting the food ready.


In the city, there is not much of an opportunity to see trees and shrubs of all sizes and types in their natural habitat. Caddy Lake has thriving plant life. The camp is covered in a various types of trees, it is getting harder and harder to find forests that aren’t monoculture, making this spot extra special.

  • Learning about the forests of Canada should be easy when we’re living in one! We’ll talk about our own and other forest and parklands and why they are so important.
  • As a craft we will create beautiful travel brochures for the Forest of Caddy Lake, bringing in facts about trees (like the different kinds of trees and forests and what their enemies are) and why we like particular kinds.
  • We’ll go over conservation of trees, the goods produced by them, and how forest management and conservation are linked.
  • We’ll be taking inspiration from the trees and making pictures with a collage of materials – tissue paper, buttons, paper towel roles, paint, fabric… whatever you want!!
  • We’ll play ‘Hug a Tree’ – a game where we use only touch to recognize different trees.



In my opinion, you can find some of the best hiking trails in Manitoba in the Caddy Lake area. Hiking will be a big part of the caddy lake programming, which means we’ll go over the important safety rules, planning a route and meals, how to use a compass, and what to bring. We will be practicing minimum impact hiking and we will surely be on our best behavior, learning how to fully respect nature while using it for hiking. By the end of camp, the girls will all have pro skills at organizing safe, enjoyable, and comfortable hikes.



Caddy Lake is such a beautiful and wild area, it is nearly impossible to come home without a new appreciation for the world of nature.

  • At Caddy Lake Camp there are many different habitats and therefore a huge variety of plants and animals. We’ll be learning about all the animals and plants around us with a focus on whatever the girls choose!
  • We will be able to choosing 3 plants, 3 mammals, and 3 invertebrates to learn about. We have many books and knowledgeable staff to help learn about our choices. By the end of camp, campers will be able to recognize lots of new animals that live around the area.
  • We’ll get to take a field trip to the fish hatchery plus do a bear smart presentation with Manitoba Conservation
  • Our nature scavenger hunts will have the girls looking for new things found in nature that they may not have noticed before.
  • We’ll play Kim’s game and ‘hug a tree’ to work on our non visual senses and memories in nature.


Outdoor adventure

All summer, we`ll be lucky enough to be on one big outdoor adventure! Camp is an excellent practice for planning and going on unit hikes and other adventures.

  • The girls will be learning and sharing their own hiking and campfire songs. What good is an outdoor adventure without the songs?!
  • We’ll be having of plenty of outdoor cooking sessions where campers will participate in planning meals perfect for hikes and camping like grilled cheese, kabobs, pita pizza, bannock, and spider dogs.
  • Whenever we go on field trips, hikes, or bike rides we always have a first aid kit. The girls will learn how to put together a first aid kit and what each part is used for by a qualified nurse or first aider. At camp we know safety is one of the most important parts of an outdoor adventure!
  • We’ll be having Manitoba conservation coming in to present bear safety and RCMP coming to do ‘Hug a Tree’ a presentation about what campers should do if they ever get lost.

 Outdoor cooking

Open fires are often not allowed within city limits, so camp is the perfect opportunity to learn from the experts how to cook on an outdoor stove or fire pit. The girls will get the opportunity to have outdoor meals almost every day. They’ll have counselors there to guide them but the campers will be doing all the steps from the planning to the cooking to the eating to the washing up.



New for Summer 2014 is the Learn to Sail Camp! We’ll have our own sail boats to learn with for the week and a professional sailing instructor. We’ll be learning safety, sailing terms, what to use, preparing, how weather effects sessions and then actually getting to put this knowledge to use out on the water! Every camper learns useful knots at the beginning of the session and uses them through out their session for various tasks.

(only two spots left!! For more info on registering see our website caddylakecamp.com)


Within Caddy Lake Camp, there are many different habitats from rocky terrain to forest to shoreline. We’ll be encouraging girls to take keen observations of nature by having session nature scavenger hunts, drawing what they’ve seen, and learning about the plants around them on hikes. We don’t have a tame garden like in parks, but this means there is a variety of flowers growing in their natural habitat. We have plenty of books and knowledgeable staff to help point out which ones are in danger and why, which ones have useful qualities, and which ones are dangerous for humans.

 Picture This

Caddy Lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery and friends apt to inspire beautiful photography.

  • We’ll be able to take photos along the way and display them in a end of session slide show.
  • We’ll have tons of supplies to create collages with the photos plus we’ll be making funky picture frames to put our favourite camp photo in.
  • In our drama sessions we’ll be making skits with where one person can be the videographer so that we can watch our fabulous skits whenever we want, as well as watching and deciding what we would do differently next time.
  • After camp we can use your photos to start a camp themed scrap book. Each summer you can add a new page!



Being out of the city brings on a beautiful view of the stars. Caddy Lake Camp is a great place to start a love of stargazing, and with our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff it is also a place to increase your knowledge of astronomy.

  • With the help of our counselors lessons, stories and hands on activities we’ll learn about planets, comets, meteors, meteorites, starts, and the milky way.
  • At camp, there is the opportunity to go out at night with counselors and find constellations; there is even a chance to sleep under the stars! What better time to spot the stars of the summer triangle?!
  • We’ll be demonstrating different parts of astronomy through fun crafts like creating mini models of planets. Once we’ve seen the real thing in the sky, we will be creating our own mini flashlight constellations.
  • One of the many Camp Challenges to complete is using the sun and stars to tell directions.
  • We’ll tell the story of Cassiopeia, Perseus, and Andromeda and their constellations and test our knowledge, creativity, and acting skills by acting it out for everyone at the camp fire.



Plus lots more like conservation, cycling, exploring, swimming, and sports!


I can’t wait to get started!!


If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message at caddylakecamp@gmail.com